What are the Delivery Options?

1. Pick Up

You can pick your item(s) at Lavington between 0900 to 1700 after receiving a confirmation from one of our agents. To avoid any inconvenience, confirm with us before going to our pick-up location.

2. Delivery via 3rd Party

If the pick-up location is far from you or you're unable to pick it, the item can be sent to you via a 3rd Party Delivery Service. However, for this option, you'll be required to complete your total [Item(s)] beforehand. Also, you'll incur the additional rider charges (Payable to the Rider).

Q: How much will delivery cost via 3rd Party?

The delivery fee will depend on the distance. Use Lavington as a point of reference to estimate the cost.

Delivery Terms & Conditons

While we do everything we can to ensure your order is delivered in a timely manner, we will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by any person as a result of delay caused by the carrier that we have no control over or by any event which is out of our reasonable control or foresight including but not limited to any delay caused by an incorrect delivery address being provided to us.